The Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA) of the Prime Minister’s Department was established in response to the expectation of the people particularly the Indian community who wanted a more inclusive and equitable socioeconomic shift, besides fortifying the spirit of nationality and self-identity in line with the spirit of the National Principles (Rukun Negara).

This special unit serves to coordinate and monitor the implementation of programmes and policies detailed specifically for the Indian community of the B40, M40 and T20 groups. The unit will also conduct socioeconomic researches and advise the government on socioeconomic issues besides regulating the distribution of government policies in all sectors so that the socioeconomic disparity between the races is not too large.

In conformity to the essence of the Federal Constitution, the development agenda of the Indian community is given special attention by this unit so that this community is not marginalized and lagged behind the other races in the flow of development.

All the responsibilities outlined are socioeconomic reform programmes that abide by the principles of democracy, justice, unity and trust, specially formulated for the Indian community in Malaysia.

In this regard, the MITRA website is one of the strategies to reform the socio-economic development agenda of the Indian community in Malaysia. This website widens the horizon of the stakeholders with regards to the policy and direction of the country. Additionally, it will also promote the sharing of latest information and views on the socio-economic transformation planning for the Malaysian Indian community.

Hopefully MITRA website will benefit all of us as an effective source of information and thus advances the well-being of the Indian community in Malaysia.

P. Waytha Moorthy

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department