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  The Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit, (MITRA)   led by the Prime Minister Department (JPM) is a special unit addressing the aspect of socio-economic development of Indian community in Malaysia.

The genesis of Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit  MITRA  began in 2008 when the government implemented a few policies through the Cabinet Committee on Indian Participation in Government Program and Projects (CCIC) to increase the participation of Indians. In 2014, four units were established to address the key issues that concern Malaysian Indians, namely the Special Implementation Task Force (SITF), Action Plan for the Future of Tamil Schools (PTST), Special Secretariat for Empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs (SEED) and the Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community (SEDIC).

In 2017, the government launched the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB), documenting the challenges that are plaguing the Indian community. It was then decided that the four units be consolidated and merged under a single unit called SEDIC.

SEDIC was rebranded as Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit  MITRA   in 2018 led by Ministry of National Unity (KPN). Among the major task of MITRA is to identify current issues and challenges affecting the Indian community, implementing socio-economic development initiative and coordinating cooperation between the Government and the private sector towards the development of Indian community in general.

In September 2022, MITRA has been put under JPM supervision.


MITRA has been divided into six (6) section and the function is to implement the socio-economic development initiatives of the Malaysian Indian community.

  1. Policy & Administration
    • This section oversees the strategic planning, drafting and review of policies related to the socio-economic development of the Indian community. This section also provides input to stakeholders on the direction of MITRA in terms of initiatives, projects and programs undertaken by the unit.
  2. Economy & Career
    • The focus of this section is on improving the standard of living of the Malaysian Indian community in line with the national development agenda. The initiative drawn by this section will increase the opportunities for more people to be involved in the field of digital entrepreneurship, to adapt to the business environment of the latest and adaptive towards new career opportunities.
  3. Social Welfare
    • This section works to improve social support systems namely family institutions, ethnic, religious, and social systems at the community level. Among the main functions of this section is to increase the opportunity of Malaysian Indian, especially those categorized as B40 to have access to existing welfare support and assistance. Social welfare is a key factor towards achieving social unity and stability, resilience, and prosperity among Malaysian Indian community..
  4. Education & Training
    • This section emphasizes the importance of education and learning for all segment of society, including children, students, adolescents, youth and adults. This section works to ensure a balanced between knowledge, skills, and moral values. Education and training aspirations are based on six factors including ethics and spirituality, leadership skills, national identity, language skills, thinking skills and knowledge.
  5. Identity & Inclusiveness
    • This section serves as an agent of transformation for initiatives related to aspects of religion, spiritualty, and cultural understanding. The initiative will be promoting moral thoughts, good behaviour, and a modest lifestyle in community through religious and spiritual programs which will ultimately produce a holistic Malaysian Indian community in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspect.
  6. Strategic Project
    • It serves as a complementary agent to all MITRA initiatives and plans to ensure the implementation be more structured, efficient, and holistic in nature. This division will coordinate and collaborate with internal MITRA sections and other stakeholders for the implementation of the planned socioeconomic development program. This division also will be collecting and analysing any data related to Malaysian Indian.
  7. Monitoring Section
    • This section plans monitoring operations and serves as the coordinator for monitoring the implementation of MITRA programs on a regular basis as well as coordinating and performing internal audits of organizational documents.

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