Identity and Inclusiveness strives to be a vital pillar for the Malaysian Indian community’s transformation. Religion, spirituality and understanding of one’s culture and origins are major factors to drive progress in the community. It functions as the back bone of the country towards a united and progressive nation

Places of worship and facility
Rites and Rituals
Religious & Spiritual Education
Endowment Board
History & Civilization
Language , Arts & culture
Festivals & Sports


  • Encouraging moral thinking and good conducts and moderate and simple living community through religion and spirituality.
  • Produce a holistic Malaysian Indian community in terms of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual transformation within the 5 years.
  • Establish an on-going opportunity for the community to gain exposure and in-depth knowledge through religious texts in 10 years.
  • Increase the interest and participation in the number of participation in traditional ethnically based sports such as Kabadi and Silambam in 5 years.
  • Ensure yoga, meditation, bhajans and other spiritual activities should be practised by every Indian in Malaysia in 10 years.