Social Well-Being

This section works to improve social support systems namely family institutions, ethnic, religious, and social systems at the community level. Among the main functions of this section is to increase the opportunity of Malaysian Indian, especially those categorized as B40 to have access to existing welfare support and assistance. Social welfare is a key factor towards achieving social unity and stability, resilience, and prosperity among Malaysian Indian community.

Housing for low income
Welfare for identified B40
Eradicate Malaysian Indian social issues.
Health & Well Being
Social Facility & Infrastructure
One-off cash assistance



  • Increase Malaysia Indian family wellbeing index (Indeks Kesejahteraan Keluarga).
  • Ensure that B40 households below the poverty line are registered under e-Kasih database.
  • Increase awareness of the importance of family roles and the effects of family malfunction among Malaysia Indians.
  • Ensure that basic needs are distributed as planned and development programmes are well executed
  • Reduce the rate of substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol.
  • Reduce cases of abuse, domestic violence and family dysfunction issues among the Malaysian Indian.
  • Reduce cases of children and senior citizens negligence.
  • Ensure that the beneficiaries receive social security protection continuously.
  • Increase cooperation in community involvement through neighbourhood social relations and volunteers.
  • Reduce the rate of gangsterism among the Malaysian Indians especially among Indian youth.
  • Ensure that beneficiaries practise and live a healthy lifestyle.